Monsters on a Mission: Creating Personal & Social Awareness

The state of our world and its various components - social, political, environmental, commercial, educational, health and wellbeing, etc. - are clearly calling for new conversations and deeper commitment to radically inclusive solutions. We believe it is possible to co-create a world in which all basic needs are met, all voices are heard, and all creativity is valued and nurtured. In order to create such a world, profound shifts of awareness must take place at all levels of society -- and they must originate with individuals and families.

We believe theatre offers a unique and almost perfect venue for the type of awareness shifts that are being called for by this new paradigm. Using the theme of monsters and the modalities of puppetry, improv, and mindfulness, we intend to co-create safe and playful spaces in which individuals, families, and communities can explore the paths on which their individual hearts want to take them while also supporting each other to begin following those paths.

By nurturing the creativity and support systems of families and community groups, while challenging long-held preconceptions and unconscious biases through the magic of playful monsters, our purpose is to promote personal and group wellbeing and awareness. And by creating multicultural collaborative conversations and experiences, we will also promote societal and global wellbeing and awareness.

Our Monster Krewe: Making Dreams Come True

PEM Dragons featured alongside the actors in the production "She Kills Monsters" recently performed at Barking Legs Theatre in Chattanooga TN. Monster Artists, in green, from left to right: Tara, Cherokee, Joshua & TJ









We are teachers, coaches, and artists. We are not psychologists, psychiatrists or therapists. Our teaching, coaching and art cannot be construed as or substituted for psychological, psychiatric or medical counseling or therapy.

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